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Because we believe....... Every child is capable of doing great things!

Mother Tongue Language Performance @ Woodland Library

K2 children has the opportunities to performance at Mother Tongue Language festival at Woodland Library.

The children put up a show on the history of how Singapore was founded.



Fun @ River Safari

Children, Parents and Teachers having a fun-time at our Singapore River Safari.



K1K2 @ Cold Storage

K1K2 children spend their afternoon at Super Market understanding the daily product and how to purchase items at the cashier.



Concert Rehearsal 2013

Children participating in the final items during the Concert Rehearsal...



Event and Announcement
  • Drama Excursion: Rapunzel @ 26th Mar
  • Health Promotion Board Excursion @ July 2014
  • Speech and Drama at AMK NLB @ Sep 2014
  • Chinese MTL Performance and Woodland NLB @ Sep 2014
  • Chinese Drama: Nightingale @ Oct 2014

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